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Automatic laminating machine with auto feeder and auto breaking systems FM-390A

Automatic laminating machine with auto feeder and auto breaking systems FM-390A
Automatic laminating machine with auto feeder and auto breaking systems FM-390AAutomatic laminating machine with auto feeder and auto breaking systems FM-390AAutomatic laminating machine with auto feeder and auto breaking systems FM-390A
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  • Laminating Width 350mm

  • Laminating Speed 0--5000 mm/min

  • Laminating Thickness 350g

  • Laminating Tempreature 20--160 ℃

  • Power Supple AC 110/120/220-240V 50/60Hz

  • Power 1500W

  • Motor power 250W

Packging & Delivery

  • 122cm x 78cm x 130cm
  • Min Order1 piece


automatic laminator ( auto feeding , auto breaking )



Automatic paper feeder roller laminator for single sided laminating ,with high speed of 5 meter/minuteElectric Adjustment lever can choose different position, solve the problem of different thickness paper anti-curl result.Automatic cutter system and trimmer cutter and dotted line cutter includedIdeal machine for digital printer ,copy center ect ..

  • Automatic paper feeder make your hands free

  • Adds new single side Anti-curl functions

  • Adds Trimming Cutter on left,

  •  Adds the Dotted line cutter on right,

  • Electric Adjustment lever can choose different position


  • Max. Width 350mm

  • Max. thickness up to 300g

  • Film thickness up to 28mic

Single sided laminators are great for laminating shops and small print shops. A single side laminator is the perfect solution for high quality single side lamination of flyers, book covers, posters and more.

Model Name


Laminting width


Laminating thickness


Laminating speed

5 meter/min

Laminating temperature


Control system

 8-bit microprocessor

Rollers diameter

110 mm



The laminating workshop is preferably a dust-free workshop to ensure the filming effect. The dust on the equipment and on the laminating roller must be completely removed before lamination

When the laminating machine is running, it is forbidden to put your fingers into the two rollers to avoid getting your hands. The pressure of the machine's pressing roller is high. Do not touch it with your hands to prevent burns.

Method of operation

1. Set the temperature, the common film temperature is set between 100-110 degrees,

press the heating button on the panel, the heating indicator is bright,

indicating that the machine is in the heating state

Since there is a certain difference in the temperature of each machine,

the temperature is appropriately adjusted according to the actual film coating effect.

2.Load paper, press the paper tray while loading paper, turn the paper tray to the end,

turn the paper tray locking handwheel clockwise Position, lock the paper tray,

and then place the coated paper in the paper tray. The machine can be placed thickest paper..

after putting it in, align the paper, adjust the paper positioning plate and fixed lock

(Special note: the positioning plates on both sides cannot hold the paper too tight,

otherwise it will cause paper feeding.difficult or unable to feed paper. )

After completing the above steps, gently press the paper tray while holding the tray

turn the paper tray counterclockwise to return the paper tray to its original position.

Paper loading completed

3. Install films and Channeling films ÿ After the temperature reaches the set temperature,

the film can be install . Align the edge of the film with the paper when install films

Lock the screw of the film sleeve, Prevent displacement during lamination,

Refer to the following schematic for the channeling films method.

4.Press lamination roller Until pressed tightly ,Otherwise, the film will not

work well because the roller does not have enough pressure.

5.Press the breaking roller until pressed tightly. Adjust the position of the breaking

toothed cutter(Note: The position of the toothed cutter must be above

the films and located inside the films,

At the same time, a certain pressure is required to

press on the roller under the toothed cutter, and then the toothed cutter is locked. )

6.Trial operation, normal lamination after normal operation

7.Anti-curl adjustment method: the thinner the paper,

the lower the adjustment needs to be pressed, and the thicker the paper

The pole is adjusted appropriately, and the effect can be adjusted again.