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  • When we use the binding machine to bind the comb,but the hook won't clasp,we can adjust the position of the comb and the hook plate to make these parallel.

  • The reason for this phenomenon is that the debris is stuck dies,we can take stiff card board and slide into the paper entry,moving the cardboard slideways to release any tray clippings into the waste tray.

  • the reason of this is that the position of hook plate and comb is not OK,we should Correct the position of hook plate and comb.

  • The reason of this case is that the adjustment plate to be blocked ,we can clear of paper in the gap between width plateand knife plate.

  • If the machine missing holes,the reason is that the selectable dies are not selected to punch.We should check the current dies are selected to punch select a die,push selector switch down at the front.

  • The reason of no power is that the machine is not switched on.For this we can switch on machine,the button near at rear next to plug inlet and at the socket.

  • When punched holes are not cental,the reason is that the edge guide is not setted.We can adjust edge guide until hole pattern is correct.

  • If we damaged holes edges when working,we perhaps overloading the machine.Then we should punch plastic covers with paper sheets or reduce number of sheets being punched.

  • The reasan of this is that the machine is not switched on,We can switch on machine at rear.